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Guacamole Gouda- Amanti (100g)

Guacamole Gouda- Amanti (100g)

Guacamole Gouda- Amanti (100g)


Daily Dairy’s newest Dutch Craft Cheese, Amanti Guacamole is the newest addition to the Amanti range of specialty cheeses. Amanti Guacamole reaches back half a millennium to combine Aztec cuisine with a full-fat Gouda cheese. This cheese is produced with an authentic Gouda recipe, then a blend of avocado and lime juice with touches of chili, tomato, onion and garlic are added, bringing out the best in this Mexican styled Dutch Gouda.

For centuries, tomato, onion, and garlic were firmly entrenched in European cuisine. When early Europeans then encountered the Aztec’s “ahuaca-mulli” everyone wanted to take it home. However, they quickly discovered the avocado’s fragileness. It wasn’t until fresh cargo became a reality in the modern era that guacamole could feature on anyone’s menu. Those clever Aztecs were credited with inventing heavenly guacamole. The avocado was an essential contributor to the overall goodness of a Mexican diet, and its good properties was a common belief in the Aztec community. Nowadays the guacamole on restaurant menus is no less nutritious and wholesome than before. The simple Aztec avocado puree in Amanti Guacamole cheese has remained unchanged for centuries.

In a truly cosmopolitan marriage of spice, bites, and creamy textures, it’s not a stretch to say that after centuries, guacamole just got better! Rather than lose the essence of traditional recipes, Amanti Guacamole cheese in fact sticks strictly to the simple, delicious recipes of both the Gouda base and the Mexican style guacamole. This cheese caters for modern tastes, but stays true to traditional recipes and ingredients.

How best to enjoy Guacamole cheese? Surprise your family and friends by presenting this eye-catching cheese on your next cheese platter, served with ice cold beers. Rather keep this cheese to yourself? Add it to your favorite Mexican dish or grilled cheese sandwich. No matter how you eat it, both its color and taste will certainly lighten up any mood.



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