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Emmentaler (100g)

Emmentaler (100g)


Emmentaler (or Emmental) cheese is made from fresh raw milk from cows that are fed only with grass and hay, no silage. By the way, it takes about 10-12 liters to make 1 kg of cheese.Fun fact: Emmental became popular for its holes, but the holes in cheese used to be considered mistakes and were avoided. Originated in Bern, Switzerland and some made in neighbouring regions of France. (Savoie, for one).


Flavour Profile: the aroma of the interior paste is mild with a slight natural sweet nutty note. This cheese leaves a lingering creaminess on the palate.

Excellent in sandwiches or on a cheese platter or charcuterie board. It also melts very well and can be used in grilled cheese sandwiches.


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