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Irish Porter Cheddar- Cahill (100g)
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Irish Porter Cheddar- Cahill (100g) The blending of cheddar with porter beer is both striking to the eye and easy on the palate. Pebble-size curds are veined with dark-brown porter beer, creating a rich, marbled appearance. The porter does not overwhelm the cheddar. Porter tastes only slightly ..
Moroccan Spice Cheddar- Coombe's Castle (100g)
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Moroccan Spice Cheddar- Coombe's Castle -   Using spices that are a staple part of Moroccan cooking, this savoury blend combines coriander, turmeric, smoky paprika and a few more secret spices to deliver a rich, refined cheddar, with a taste of Morocco.  $7.29/100g..
Saxon Shires Cheddar (100g)
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Coombe’s Castle- Saxon Shires CheddarThis very flavourful combination of English Cheddars are aged in the same wheel, creating a cheddar experience like no other. The cheeses used are: Coloured cheddar, White Cheddar, Cheshire, Red Leicester, Double Gloucester. Flavour Profile: Sharp, cr..
Shropshire Blue (100g)
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Shropshire Blue Cheese -If you've been to England, you've probably seen it around: the carrot-colored paste and those royal blue veins. The orange color comes from annato, a natural, vegetable food coloring found in many cheeses. Full-flavored and unpressed, this bright orange cheese has a surpri..
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