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Assorted Stuffed Olives & Mushrooms (580ml)

Assorted Stuffed Olives & Mushrooms (580ml) Select Almond Stuffed, Fiery Hot, Garlic,&..


Dalmatia Fig Spread (240ml)

Dalmatia Fig Spread (240ml) Our flavorful sweet and savory fig spreads are made from the best l..


Dried Chanterelles Mushrooms (20g) New

Dried Chanterelles Mushrooms (20g)

Jesse Tree – Dried Chanterelles Mushrooms (20g) ..


Dried Morel Mushrooms (14g) New

Dried Morel Mushrooms (14g)

Jesse Tree – Dried Morel Mushrooms (14g) ..


Dried Mushrooms (Oyster & Shiitake) (42.5g) New

Dried Mushrooms (Oyster & Shiitake) (42.5g)

Dried Mushrooms (Oyster & Shiitake) (42.5g)  Jesse Tree - Dried Oyster ..


Dried Porcini Mushrooms (42.5g) New

Dried Porcini Mushrooms (42.5g)

 Jesse Tree – Dried Porcini Mushrooms (42.5g)  ..


Duhaime Gourmet Cheese Spread (Gluten Free) (70g)

Duhaime Gourmet Cheese Spread (Gluten Free) (70g)  ..


Forest Mushrooms (580ml)

Jesse Tree - Forest Mushrooms (580ml)  ..


Gourmet Hot Pepper Rings (314ml)

Gourmet Hot Pepper Rings (314ml)Hot & Spicy!..


Kozlik's Canadian Mustard (250ml)

Kozlik's Canadian Mustard (250ml) Choose between Old Smokey, Green Peppercorn, Market Musta..


Maple Balsamic Cream (200ml)

Cheese Secrets - Maple Balsamic Cream (200ml) This Creamy Maple Balsamic Dressing is tangy, sli..


Niagara Habanero - Pure Pepper Sauce (150ml)

Niagara Habanero - Pure Pepper Sauce (150ml) Good with sauces, eggs, roasts, wings, ribs, nacho..


Olives Gordal (580ml)

Cheese Secrets - Olives Gordal (580ml)Eating olive from the Gordal variety of olive tree. The name G..


Stuffed Olives (250ml)

Cheese Secrets - Stuffed Olives (250ml) Blue cheese stuffed, Garlic Stuffed, or Jalapeno stuffe..


Summer Truffle Slices (50g)

Summer Truffle Slices (50g) Sliced Summer Truffles are packed in extra virgin olive oil. The sl..