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Gunn's Hill Dark Side Of The MooThis is a hand crafted cow's milk cheese that is modeled after a little known Swiss cheese called Mutchli. It is first soaked for four days in Dark Side Chocolate Stout, from Woodstock's Upper Thames Brewery and then continues to age for four months.  Excelle..
Gunn’s Hill, Woodstock, Ontario- Handeck - This is a hand crafted washed rind cow's milk cheese that is produced using the same methods as a typical Swiss mountain style cheese. It is available at 24 months old and for December we offer a 2 - 4 year old version. It is delicately aged on ce..
Amanti- Limoncello Gouda - Baarn, Netherlands -A beautiful gouda infused with lemon zest to imitate limoncello liqueur. Zesty and creamy, and wonderful with fresh summer fruit like watermelon, and an amazing accent to caviar and smoked salmon on a cheese platter. Flavour Profile: Lemon, ..
Tri-colour Gouda- Ruscello Life (100g)
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Tri-colour Gouda- Ruscello Life (100g) A completely new type of cheese! A cheese full of character with a soft fresh taste and a spicy accent. Besides the great taste, the cheese is also a feast for the eyes, due to the colorful mix of white, bright green and deep red. Ruscello Life c..
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