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Piave Mezzano - 3 months (100g)

Piave Mezzano - 3 months (100g)

Piave Mezzano - 3 months

Piave Mezzano- Blue label- Belluno, Italy -

This is a hard, cooked, semi-hard cheese with no eyes, and a straw yellow colour. As it ripens for longer, the cheese has a hard rind. Piave DOP Mezzano has a milky aroma, reminiscent of melted butter and whey. Lactose-Free/Gluten-Free

Flavour Profile: The palate is characterised by a balance of sweet and savoury flavours, with the taste perceived substantially echoing the aromas, even though the bouquet is enriched with a delicate toasted note.


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  • Model: Piave Mezzano - 3 months (100g)