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Bleu D’Elizabeth (100g) Fromagerie du Presbytère - Bleu d’Élizabeth is a semi-soft cheese made from thermalized milk with interior mould. Its natural rind is strewn with ochre-coloured spots and contains beautiful blue and sometimes greenish-coloured veins resulting from the presence of Penicil..
Bleu Ermite Canadian Blue Cheese (100g) Bleu Ermite Canadian Blue Cheese is the First Blue Cheese crafted by the Monks of the Benedictine Abbey of Quebec.Bleu Ermite is a whole milk, semi-soft cheese. The aroma reflected is a grassy, herbal and mushroom-like smell, and it has a bit of a tangy t..
Blue Haze- Canadian Blue Cheese (100g)
Blue Haze- Blue Cheese (100g)This smoked blue cheese is both soft and sweet. Blue Haze is smoked with a “harvest blend” of Ontario hardwood wood chips in Cayuga, Ontario. The middle of the cheese retains the piquant flavour of a great blue cheese, while the outer edges reveal a delicate smokiness th..
Celtic Blue- Glengarry Fine Cheese (100g) Glengarry Fine Cheese - The Celtic Blue is a soft creamy blue cheese, with delicate blue veining and a limestone coloured natural rind which is developed by specific ripening cultures. The typical blue taste is mild and not aggressive and is soften..
Château De Bourgogne- Fromagerie Delin A beautiful, voluptuous triple crème, an incredible cheese made using pasteurized cow’s milk and oh-so-creamy! $8.99/100g..
Colby with Hot Peppers- Thornloe Cheese (100g) Firm Cheese, Mild, Yellow with Red Peppers Ingredients: Milk, Salt, Colour, Calcium Chloride, Crushed Chili Hot Peppers, Microbial Enzyme Moisture: 41 %Fat: 31 %Shelf Life: 6 Months $6.29/100g..
Dalmatia Fig Spread (240ml) Our flavorful sweet and savory fig spreads are made from the best local and regional ingredients we can find—quince, fig, sour cherry, tangerine, orange, black and green olives to name some.  We also now have organic  blackberry, organic  apricot..
Douanier- Fromagerie Fritz-Kaiser (100g)A semi-soft cheese with a washed and brushed rind. This variety is left to ripen for more than 9 weeks. The cheese features a signature central line of edible vegetable ash. With its earthy aroma and organic flavour, Le Douanier tempts the palate with a hint o..
Double Cream Brie- Belle Marie by Albert's Leap (200g) A white and velvety rind surrounds the soft and creamy interior of this double cream Brie called Belle Marie. Adding extra cream into the milk creates a luxurious mouthfeel, which contrasts beautifully with the slightly chewy rind. With fla..
Double Gloucester with Blue Stilton- Coombe Castle (100g)Double Gloucester and Blue Stilton are layered together to produce a smooth, nutty cheese with the creamy tang of blue cheese. Not only is it delicious, its contrasting layers make it a great addition to any cheese board.   ..
Jesse Tree - Forest Mushrooms (580ml)  ..
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