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Bloom (Prepack)

Château de Bourgogne aux TruffesThis bloomy rind flavoured cheese will please everybody. You get the same creamy texture as the Château de Bourgogne with a delicious slice of truffles in the middle Flavour Profile: Its thick rind releases woody notes and its creamy paste is delicate and sligh..
Château de Bourgogne- Ind. 200gA beautiful, voluptuous triple crème, an incredible cheese made using pasteurized cow’s milk and oh-so-creamy!  ..
Double Cream Brie- Belle Marie by Albert's Leap (200g) A white and velvety rind surrounds the soft and creamy interior of this double cream Brie called Belle Marie. Adding extra cream into the milk creates a luxurious mouthfeel, which contrasts beautifully with the slightly chewy rind. With fla..
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