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Frère Jacques (Lactose-Free) - Fromagerie Saint-Benoît-du-Lac (100g)This firm cheese with an orange-yellow rind has a nutty flavour. Popular with everyone, young and old, it is an excellent breakfast choice.  ..
Fromagerie Charlevoix 1608 (100g) The Charlevoix 1608 is made from the milk of a truly Canadian breed of cow called Vache Canadienne. This complex single herd cheese presents a brilliant combination of nuttiness, fruitiness and a delicate tang found only in the most carefully crafted washed rin..
Greek Goat Cheddar- Great Lakes Goat DairyOur Mild Cheddar Goat Cheese is made with our 100% single source farmstead goat milk. We use the freshest goat milk that provides our cheddar that smooth yet firm texture.Craving something different? Try our bold and savoury Mediterranean inspired goat chees..
Cheese Secrets - Grey Owl (100g)Grey Owl is a surface-ripened goat's milk cheese by Fromagerie Le Détour in Notre-Dame-du-Lac, Québec. The ash covered rind presents a visually pleasing cheese experience that you might leave you in so much admiration, you won't want to eat it..
La Sauvagine- Alexis de Portneuf (100g)SOFT SURFACE RIPENED CHEESE WITH WASHED RINDLa Sauvagine is a cow milk cheese with a moist and supple rind that ripens from the outside in; runny ivory body; fresh butter taste with a hint of mushrooms; melts in the mouth and is flavourful; culminating with a r..
Le Douanier (100g)
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Cheese Secrets - Le Douanier (100g) Douanier has a mild and creamy aroma with a slightly nutty scent close to the rind. The texture is dense and supple with notes of fruit and nuts and a tangy quality that is characteristic of blue cheese that carries into its finish A semi-soft chees..
Niagara Gold- Upper Canada Cheese (100g)Supple and deeply coloured, Niagara Gold is a Trappist-style cheese made from the extremely rich milk of Guernsey cows. Enjoy its buttery, earthy flavours with fall fruits, nuts, and whole-grain bread.  ..
Oka Classique (100g)Oka is a semi-soft washed rind cheese that was originally manufactured by Trappist monks located in Oka, Quebec, Canada. The cheese is named after the town. It has a distinct flavour and pungent aroma,  with a soft creamy flavour, sometimes described as nutty and fruity..
Riopelle (100g)Le Riopelle de l’Isle is a soft triple-cream cheese with a bloomy rind that melts in your mouth and has a wonderful taste of mushroom and hints of butter and hazelnuts. FROMAGERIE DE L'ÎLE-AUX-GRUES. QuebecThe Riopelle de l'Île is named after the famous painter Jea..
Smokin’ Goat- Great Lakes Goat Dairy  (100g)Infused with Applewood smoked, our aged cheddar goat cheese is made with our 100% farmstead goat's milk. Try our Smokin' Goat Cheese for that delicious smoked flavour. With a savoury taste that will leave wanting more, it's perfect atop grilled v..
Tortillions Cheese (100g)
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Cheese Secrets - Tortillions Cheese (100g) Enjoyed by people of all ages, the Tortillons are strings of cheese that have been brine-cured and thus have a strong salty taste. Available in snack size, our Tortillons are a better alternative to the usual afternoon bag of chips and go great wi..
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