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Stilton comes in two varieties, the traditional blue and the less known white Stilton. Stilton has a crumbly texture in its youngest stage to a buttery smooth texture and mellower flavor after aging another 5 to 6 weeks. Similar to a traditional blue cheese, Stilton will have a strong, nutty flavor with rich overtones.  We
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Shropshire Blue

Made in a similar way to Stilton, it is a soft cheese with a sharp, strong flavor that takes between six to eight weeks to mature. Orange in color with blue veining, it enjoys a slightly tangy aroma and a crumbly, creamy texture.

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Salt Spring – Blue Juliette

The blue Juliette is made essentially the same way as its whiter chevre sister, but the blue one is made half with blue and half with white mould. It takes on a very mild blue taste and also grows softer and stronger as it ages.

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The world’s most famous melting cheese, Raclette has a semi-soft interior dotted with small holes and a rosy inedible rind. Eaten as a table cheese, Raclette has a smooth, creamy taste that is neither too salty nor sharp and tends to have a strong, pungent aroma.

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Pecorino (fiore) Sardo

The result of a laborious, complex cheesemaking process, Fiore Sardo is a straw-colored cheese with a brown rind. The Italian word fiore means flower. Thus this cheese is named the “Flower of Sardinia.” A bit more forceful than Pecorino Toscano, a famous sheep’s milk cheese from Tuscany, this Sardinian pecorino has a slightly salty flavor
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Mamirolle has a square body and is made in loaf shaped moulds. Its moist exterior has a characteristic bright orange colour. The rind welcomes you enthusiastically with a strong, earthy pungency. The paste has a milder, fresher flavour, its texture rich and supple. Sweet, salty, full flavours fill the mouth and the finish is rich
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Epoisses is a definite favorite of fans of strong-smelling cheese. In order to develop the characteristic dark orange rind, Epoisses is washed with brine for several weeks then finished with wine or brandy. This extra washing deepens the flavors of the cheese and guarantees a spoonable, silky paste.

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