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Tomme Savoie

Tomme de Savoie has a beautifully rustic, gray-brown, fuzzy, inedible thick crust. The cheese inside is robust with slight overtones of salt and an unmistakably raw flavor. This French, unpasteurized cow’s milk cheese has a charming simplicity.  Try the Canadian version, Tomme de Grosse Ile.

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Sieur De Duplessis

A firm, unpasteurized sheep’s milk cheese, it’s covered by natural, bone-colored, patterned rind that lends a rustic, almost antique quality to the cheese. The ivory paste inside is a complex bundle of earthy, grassy flavors with a balanced salt content.

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Cape Vessey

Cape Vessey has a rustic, honey-brown rind that becomes more copper-coloured as it ages. The paste reflects the pale cream colour typical of goat’s milk. The aroma is gentle with a bit of tang, while the semi-soft paste has a sweet and delicate flavour, rich mouth feel and is balanced with a hint of acidity.

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