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Stilton comes in two varieties, the traditional blue and the less known white Stilton. Stilton has a crumbly texture in its youngest stage to a buttery smooth texture and mellower flavor after aging another 5 to 6 weeks. Similar to a traditional blue cheese, Stilton will have a strong, nutty flavor with rich overtones.  We
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Lancashire epitomizes the “butter crumble” texture so characteristic of British cheeses. Lancashire is aged for 5-8 months to the point that it develops a delicate, lemony flavor and a long-lasting mellow tang.

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Glenphilly Whiskey Cheddar

Glenphilly Whiskey Cheddar is a full-bodied, pale cheddar. The cheddar is mellow, and the sharp bite of the whiskey accentuates the flavour well. Glenphilly works well as a table cheese, and can also add a unique flavour to many dishes.

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