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Thunder Oak Swiss

Thunder Oak Swiss is modeled after Emmenthal, sharing the springy texture of that classic cheese. It is lightly flavoured, sweet and nutty. Thunder Oak Swiss is glossy, light or pale yellow, and has the traditional large holes in it, identifying it as Thunder Oak’s variation of the classic Swiss cheese. Made using milk from a
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Crottin style cheese with white mould on the rind and dense, pleasant lactic flavour and light paste when young. At intermediate stage, blue moulds appear, the paste becomes soft under the round and yields stronger flavours. When fully aged, cheese rind will be grey/blue on surface, smaller in size and features dryer, dense, paste with
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Lighthall Tomme

Lighthall Tomme is a pleasant, light 100% goat milk cheese, almost nutty, with a smooth, firm texture and a mild saltiness. This fairly new cheese from Fifth Town has a natural wash rind and is aged for a few months.

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Comfort Cream

Comfort Cream is a white, bloomy rind cheese that has a smooth, creamy golden-coloured paste. The aroma is light and mushroomy and the flavours are rich and buttery, with notes of truffles. The cheese is ultra-smooth over the palate and leaves a long, lingering tangy flavour at the finish. The soft white rind is salted
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