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White Stilton w/Mango & Ginger

White Stilton is extra creamy and deliciously tangy, however it is unfinished on its’ own – hence the need to introduce a fruit. The traditional flavor of the Stilton blends beautifully with the fruity flavor of mango and the bite of ginger. After your first bite you will immediately recognize that the combination is a
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Niagara Gold

Supple and deeply coloured, Niagara Gold is a Trappist-style cheese made from the extremely rich milk of Guernsey cows. Enjoy its buttery, earthy flavours with fall fruits, nuts, and whole-grain bread.

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Douanier has a mild and creamy aroma with a slightly nutty scent close to the rind. The texture is dense and supple with notes of fruit and nuts and a tangy quality that is characteristic of blue cheese that carries into its finish.

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