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Valedon is wrapped in chestnut leaves or maple leaves. The cheese has a very intense blue flavor and is so surprising, because of its caramel like sweetness. It is salty at first but as you let this cheese melt into your mouth, you will taste the creaminess and enjoy the earthy mild aroma of the
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Sieur De Duplessis

A firm, unpasteurized sheep’s milk cheese, it’s covered by natural, bone-colored, patterned rind that lends a rustic, almost antique quality to the cheese. The ivory paste inside is a complex bundle of earthy, grassy flavors with a balanced salt content.

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Niagara Gold

Supple and deeply coloured, Niagara Gold is a Trappist-style cheese made from the extremely rich milk of Guernsey cows. Enjoy its buttery, earthy flavours with fall fruits, nuts, and whole-grain bread.

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Mont Jacob

Le Mont-Jacob is equally good melted as it is sliced, the cheese pops with flavour as soon as it hits your palate. Its nutty, salty essence reveals itself in a rich meaty flavour explosion that is tempered by a fruity sweetness. The aroma is pronounced and earthy at the rind but surprisingly delicate if you
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Monforte – Toscano

Toscano from Monforte is creamy white with a beige rind, a delicious sheep’s milk cheese similar to Pecorino but slightly creamier.  Delicious in salad, on crackers, or with a fruity white wine.

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Mamirolle has a square body and is made in loaf shaped moulds. Its moist exterior has a characteristic bright orange colour. The rind welcomes you enthusiastically with a strong, earthy pungency. The paste has a milder, fresher flavour, its texture rich and supple. Sweet, salty, full flavours fill the mouth and the finish is rich
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Avonlea Clothbound/xtra Aged

This is Canada’s only clothbound cheddar from Cows Creamery, Prince Edward Island. It is aged just over a year, but the cloth allows the cheese to breathe and in that short time it develops a sharp and earthy flavour. The curd amazingly falls apart into firm chunks at the slice of a knife. This cheese
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