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Stilton comes in two varieties, the traditional blue and the less known white Stilton. Stilton has a crumbly texture in its youngest stage to a buttery smooth texture and mellower flavor after aging another 5 to 6 weeks. Similar to a traditional blue cheese, Stilton will have a strong, nutty flavor with rich overtones.  We
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Shropshire Blue

Made in a similar way to Stilton, it is a soft cheese with a sharp, strong flavor that takes between six to eight weeks to mature. Orange in color with blue veining, it enjoys a slightly tangy aroma and a crumbly, creamy texture.

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Lemon Fetish

Lemon Fetish is a slightly crumbly cheese with lemon zest and red fife flour on the rind. It’s clean, lactic aromas with scent of fresh lemon are tangy on the palate with a nice balance of citrus, salt and Feta-like flavours and have a refreshing, balanced finish.

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Grey Owl

The ash covered rind presents is so visually pleasing that you might not want to eat such a beautiful looking cheese. This goat’s milk cheese offers an interior paste that is white, firm and dense and transforms into a soft, crumbly texture in the mouth, while also offering pleasingly sharp, lemony flavours. It begins to
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Geai Blue

Geai Bleu is a moderately piquant blue with a pleasant balance of sweetness and mineral saltiness. It is smooth enough to spread on crostini, yet crumbly enough to use in salads of greens and fruits, Geai Bleu is an extremely versatile cheese.

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Cheshire is a lightly-veined artisan cheese made with whole milk, with a subtle flavour and a pleasant bite. It is a is dense and semi-hard, and is defined by its moist, crumbly texture and mild, salty taste. It comes in red, blue and white varieties with the white being the most popular.

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