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Caramelized Onions Cheddar

This cheese creation is a creamy, buttery cheddar that is perfectly blended with tangy and sweet caramelized onions. As versatile as it is addictive, this new cheddar livens food up incredibly.

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Speckled Hen Cheddar

Specked Hen Cheese is a milk white cheddar with whole grain mustard seeds in it.

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Saxon Shires

Saxon Shires is not really a single cheese. It consists of alternating layers of five different cheeses, taken from the five famous counties of Gloucester, Leicester, Lancashire, Derby and Cheddar. The flavors of the cheeses alternate from mild to sharp. In spite of the pleasing visual appearance of the cheese, its flavor is rather mild.

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Sage Derby

Sage Derby is a cheddar type gourmet cheese made using leaf sage for flavor, and colored using chlorophyll (plant coloring) to give a green marbled finish. The finely chopped sage leaf gives a subtle extra flavor. Sage Derby is matured for around 12 weeks as per mild cheddar.

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Irish Cheddar W/Porter

The blending of cheddar with porter beer is both striking to the eye and easy on the palate. Pebble-size curds are veined with dark-brown porter beer, creating a rich, marbled appearance. The porter does not overwhelm the cheddar. Porter tastes only slightly beery, with the beer contributing depth and meatiness to the cheese. This beautiful
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Highland Single Malt Cheddar

The whisky in Highland Single Malt Cheddar is strong but sweet, tempering the bite of the aged cheddar nicely. It’s creamy, bordering on spreadable and great as a pairing with crackers.

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Glenphilly Whiskey Cheddar

Glenphilly Whiskey Cheddar is a full-bodied, pale cheddar. The cheddar is mellow, and the sharp bite of the whiskey accentuates the flavour well. Glenphilly works well as a table cheese, and can also add a unique flavour to many dishes.

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Dubliner Cheddar

Dubliner reminds of a mixture between Cheddar and Parmigiano Reggiano. This description is quite accurate, it tastes of a mature Cheddar with the sweet aftertaste of Reggiano. Dubliner is a robust, aged cow’s milk cheese with a texture similar to a Cheddar. In one bite you can taste the diversity of flavors – from nutty
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Drumloch Cheddar

Drumloch Cheddar has a beautiful creamy texture, a wonderful clean odour, a delightful, and wholly natural, light golden colour and delicious flavour that is at par with a true cheddar.

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Chevre Noir

A true maturing, firm ripened goat cheddar aged over 12 months, this cheese has won every major Canadian and American cheese-making award in its category. It has an exquisite, fine and deep flavor with a smooth, buttery texture.

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