By: Cheese Secrets — Posted on May 30, 2019

Roquefort Papillon – the Cheese of Legend

The mythology for Roquefort’s discovery is as follows: a young boy was sitting in a field on the edge of a meadow eating his picnic lunch of french bread and sheep’s milk cheese, when off in the distance he spotted a beautiful girl and decided to follow her into a nearby cave.  When he returned several months later the molding process had changed his regular sheep’s milk cheese into the blue cheese that is known today as Roquefort.

Roquefort is a sheep’s milk blue cheese from the southern provinces of France. It is considered among three others as one of the world’s best-known blue cheeses. Though many cheeses with similar taste and texture are produced elsewhere, European cheese laws proclaim that only cheese aged in the combalou cave regions of Roquefort-sur-Soulson may claim the title of Roquefort. The cheese is white with distinctive veins of greenish-blue molding which adds a tangy note to the palette. It is crumbly, tangy and slightly moist in texture and has a distinctly notable taste of butyric acid.  It is a flourishment of mild taste which changes to a waxy sweet to a smoky and ends on a salty finish.  Contains no rind. The exterior is edible and enjoyably salty.

This cheese is parable with many delicious items with a range of price and sophistication. For a mouth with a palette for wines to the man with a hunger for burgers, this blue pairs with the sweetest of sweet.

Pair with fruit, specifically fruit that is sweet and juicy in nature. Crumble on a pear or serve with apple slices to wow yourself and your guests with the one-two combination of salty and sweet that is not overpowering but tres-magnifique.

Pair with Rosé wine. Another great combination of the salty and moist blue that adds great values in flavor to a dry table wine.  A most perfect to start a meal or to end one.

Pair with steak or burgers. Compliment the hardy richness of beef with the tangy-salty poignant taste of a crumbling blue cheese that will melt and marinate the steak with it’s natural flavors.

Enjoy this delight now at Cheese Secrets.

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