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White Stilton w/Mango & Ginger

White Stilton is extra creamy and deliciously tangy, however it is unfinished on its’ own – hence the need to introduce a fruit. The traditional flavor of the Stilton blends beautifully with the fruity flavor of mango and the bite of ginger. After your first bite you will immediately recognize that the combination is a
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Wensleydale w/Caramelized Onions

From the historic Wensleydale Creamery in England, this latest creation is a creamy, buttery cheddar that is perfectly blended with tangy and sweet caramelized onions. As versatile as it is addictive, this new cheddar livens food up incredibly.

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Valedon is wrapped in chestnut leaves or maple leaves. The cheese has a very intense blue flavor and is so surprising, because of its caramel like sweetness. It is salty at first but as you let this cheese melt into your mouth, you will taste the creaminess and enjoy the earthy mild aroma of the
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Tomme Savoie

Tomme de Savoie has a beautifully rustic, gray-brown, fuzzy, inedible thick crust. The cheese inside is robust with slight overtones of salt and an unmistakably raw flavor. This French, unpasteurized cow’s milk cheese has a charming simplicity.  Try the Canadian version, Tomme de Grosse Ile.

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Tomme De Grosse-Ile

Tomme de Grosse-Île is an unpasteurized semi-soft cheese. This surface-ripened cheese lasts longer than a soft cheese. Its brushed rind and its uniform texture with small cavities bring a woodsy flavour with a slightly acidulous and fruity taste.

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Thunder Oak Swiss

Thunder Oak Swiss is modeled after Emmenthal, sharing the springy texture of that classic cheese. It is lightly flavoured, sweet and nutty. Thunder Oak Swiss is glossy, light or pale yellow, and has the traditional large holes in it, identifying it as Thunder Oak’s variation of the classic Swiss cheese. Made using milk from a
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Thunder Oak Smoked Gouda

Thunder Oak Smoked Gouda expresses appealing, complex flavours, and maintains an unusually rich texture. Young cheeses are fruity, tangy and silky smooth, while older wheels become spicy, caramel sweet and toasty, with a crystalline texture.

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Thunder Oak Gouda Jalapeño

Spicy jalapeño peppers as a spin on the original Thunder Oak Gouda make this piquant cheese perfect in tacos and quesadillas. It is magnificent in a grilled cheese sandwich too.

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Tete De Moine

Tete de Moine is made in the Swiss Alps near the town of Bellelay from rich unpasteurized cows’ milk.  It is a sharp cheese with a full, nutty flavor. Its intense flavor is even more pronounced when compared to other cheeses from Switzerland, like Gruyere and Emmental. It is the cheese of choice when using
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Stilton comes in two varieties, the traditional blue and the less known white Stilton. Stilton has a crumbly texture in its youngest stage to a buttery smooth texture and mellower flavor after aging another 5 to 6 weeks. Similar to a traditional blue cheese, Stilton will have a strong, nutty flavor with rich overtones.  We
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